• Campaign

    Want to have evaluation forms that actually lead to change? Want to make sure those huge waitlisted classes lead to open sections? Want to make sure tests are properly scheduled so that no one has three midterms in a day or five in a week? Want to make your education more enjoyable and efficient?


    I am here to do just that. My name is Shahmeer Hashmat, and I am running for Vice President of Academic Affairs for the 2018-2019 Undergraduate Student Government Executive Board. I am passionate about change not only for the student body as a whole, but for each specific school, and also, for each individual student. I have created impactful change during my time on the student government, and my experience allows for me to truly determine what we can do to change and what we can't do. I want better focus, better solutions, and a better Tulane. Let's Succeed with Shahmeer, and vote on March 12th and 13th for Shahmeer Hashmat for Vice President of Academic Affairs!

  • A Leader Who Can Get It Done

    - Four semesters of Academic Affairs Committee Experience -

    - Three semesters of USG Senate experience -

    - Authored a multitude of legislation that has actually created change -

    - One vision to make sure the student body gets the most enjoyable and exceptional education possible -


    Since the day I stepped on to campus at Tulane, I have dedicated myself to improving the academics of this school. I started to serve on the Academic Affairs Committee my third week as a Freshman, and from that moment on, I pushed to improve education at Tulane in whatever way I could. I went on to draft two pieces of legislation that semester: one to make Blue Books more accesible for students and another to make viewing courses easier for everyone.


    The next semester, I enacted legislation to make the Tulane USG Senate far more accessible to all students through making requirements for Senators to represent their constituents far better. I then started on a video series project in order to make videos of compacted lectures available online so students can see what the class they are signing up for is like.


    This past year, I have continued my work on the video series project, which will be making videos available for the student body very soon. At the same time, I have been hard at work to make sure business school minors are available for all students and have been working to create a Pre-Med Accelerated Summer Program.


    Along with all this, my leadership and involvement on campus has shown I can handle whatever it takes to tackle this position and more. Here are a few of the roles I have taken while on this campus:

    - Senator for the School of Science and Engineering in the Undergraduate Student Government for Two Years


    - Special Events Committee Chair Person and Freshman Representative for the School of Science and Engineering Student Government


    - Vice President, Group Manager, PR Chair, and Social Chair for TU Tones A Cappella


    - Vice Presidnet of Outreach for TUlinked Mentorship Initiative


    - Vice President of StartUp Tulane


    - Peer Tutor at the Academic Success Center


    - Tour Guide for Green Wave Ambassadors


    - Member of the Sexual Aggresion Peer Hotline and Education (SAPHE) Group


    - Treasurer of the Quiz Bowl Team


    -Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Westmoreland Lab and Rouse and Cohen Lab


    - Tulane University Performing Arts Society (TUPAS) Actor and Writer


    - and much more!


    Despite my experience above, I have plentfiul ideas that I want to put in place as the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Check out the Platforms tab to see them all!



  • Ideas That Can Actually Happen

    Having served on the Academic Affairs Committee for the last two years, I know what we can actually do and what we cannot. I want solutions to every problem, but through the most feasible way possible. Also, I am laser focused on making sure not only the biggest, student-wide problems are solved, but also indiviudal, case-by-case ones as well. That is why I am determined to make changes for every school and every studnet. Below are a few of my overall goals:


    - Make it so course evaluation forms actually create feasible change in the classroom through having administration follow up on the forms.


    - Make it so if a class has a waitlist over a certain number, they must open a new section for the class


    - Have faculty and departments work their tests schedules in a way so no one student will ever have to have five midterms in a week or three in a day again


    - Create an intersectionality core requirement for all students that focuses on courses that center on social impacts of race, gender, class, and more


    - Progress away from a service learning requirement that is harmful to the community, and rather, move on to one that fosters discussion on whether service learning is good, and how we can improve it to better New Orleans


    These are only a few of my overall goals as Vice President of Academic Affairs. Together, with input from faculty, administration, and the student body, I hope to make hollistic change that will matter to every single student on this campus.